The Problem of Evil -- Manichaesim Verses Christianity

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Philosophers and theologians have wrestled with theodicy, or the problem of evil, throughout the centuries. Manichaesim and Christianity view the solution to the problem of evil from very different perspectives. 


Join this free debate on January 16, 2024 at 7:00 P.M. at First Lutheran Houston: 

1311 Holman St, Houston, Texas 77004


Thesis: “Manichaeism better address the problem of evil than Christianity” 

Kohl Nelson will take the affirmative.

Mat Morkin and Aaron Wright will take the negative.


Kohl Nelson represents the Manichian perspective and is a leader in the Ekklesia of Light - "A modern global Manichaean Church built upon the foundations of the true gnosis taught by our Savior Jesus Christ. And revealed in its fullness by our beloved Prophet Mani. The Seal of the Prophets."


Mat Morkin and Aaron Wright represent Reformed Christianity as it is confessed within the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689.


Mat Morkin is a member at Good Shepherd Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the host of the Five Flames Podcast.



Aaron Wright is an Elder at Grace Family Baptist Church.


Evan McClanahan will be the debate moderator.

First Lutheran Houston has graciously offered to host this debate free to the public.

Please get a free ticket if you intent to attend.