The Grace of the Gospel

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For millennia Christians have meditated on, prayed for, sang about, and sought to put the grace of the gospel on display in their own lives, all for the glory of God. This book shows readers why they need the grace of the gospel and how they have been made recipients of this remarkable grace. Unfolding the rich tapestry of the grace of the gospel, the authors examine what the gospel is and what it is not, providing an important guide for all Christians and enabling them to better understand the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ.
Contributors include Stephen Myers, Jon Payne, Joel Beeke, Greg Salazar, David Hall, Rob McCurley, Josh Buice, and Mark Kelderman.

Table of Contents:
Editorial Preface
The Purpose of the Gospel
1. The Gospel Need ―Stephen Myers
2. The Gospel Planned ―Jon Payne
The Proclamation of the Gospel
3. The Essence of the Gospel ―Joel Beeke
4. The Grace of God in the Gospel ―Greg Salazar
5. Apostolic Preaching and the Gospel ―David Hall
The Precedents of the Gospel
6. Ceremonial Shadows and the Gospel ―Rob McCurley
7. Gospel-Inspired Gratitude ―Josh Buice
The Power of the Gospel
8. Gospel Empowerment ―Josh Buice
9. The Gospel Results ―Rob McCurley
10. The Gospel Hope ―Mark Kelderman