The Fall of Man

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The Semper Reformanda (Always Reforming) Conference addresses the church's need to continually reform to the image of Christ.  

In keeping with our Baptist Reformed tradition, we address a different section of the 1689 London Baptist Confession at each conference.

The 2022 Semper Reformanda Conference, held on October 21-22, will be discussing the doctrines found in the sixth chapter of the confession: "Of the Fall of Man, of Sin, and Of the Punishment Thereof"

We would like to invite all pastors and their wives to join us for a special Pastor’s Luncheon on Friday, October 21, at 11:30.  The luncheon is free, but we do need you to reserve tickets (using the drop down menu below) so that we can plan accordingly.

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Pastor's Luncheon - FREE

*Lunch will not be offered this year. We apologize for any inconvenience.