The Christian Looks at Himself by Anthony A. Hoekema

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The Christian Looks at Himself 

by Anthony A. Hoekema (Author)

What kind of self-image should Christians have? Should they see themselves primarily as unworthy sinners before a holy God?

The biblical view, Anthony A. Hoekema argues in this brief and readable study, is that man, having been made in God's own image, was the capstone of God's creation. Even when he fell, God considered him of such worth that he gave up his only Son to redeem him. And in Christ, as Paul makes plain, men are made into new creatures. This does not mean that the redeemed live a life of sinless perfection; it does mean that what is most distinctive about them is the new life they have in Christ. And this new life entitles Christians to a self-image which is essentially positive.

But accepting the biblical view of their worth can be difficult for Christians burdened with feelings of guilt. How can such Christians learn to see themselves in a better light? And how can others in the Christian community — preachers, counselors, teachers, parents — help fellow members to attain the positive self-image that is essential to the Christian faith? Part Two of The Christian Looks at Himself offers concrete answers to these questions and in doing so points up the social dimension of being in Christ. As the Christian accepts himself as a creature made new in Christ, so in love he must also fully accept fellow Christians as recreated in that same Christ.