She Did What She Could

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This book has been compiled of several diverse histories of some of the saints in different generations. These accounts have done much to encourage me the history of the Dairymens daughter the college girl and the others are now out of print and are difficult to find. Chapel library in Pensacola Florida has been a wonderful resource for me. They have donated countless tracks and booklets for distribution some of which will be found in this book. I have attempted to provide a resource within one volume so that the reader could share these life history is in scripture verses with their friends and acquaintances.

The true purpose of this book is to combine these documents and their message into one publication; similar to that found in the book of Hebrews chapter 11: where we read of many of the men and women of faith made known through the inspiration by the Holy Spirit; so that by reading and reflecting on what God has done through them, and of their measure of faith, we would be encouraged, or provoked or convicted when we look inwardly and examine our lives and our faith. - Don Karns