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Semper Reformanda 2018: Of God and the Holy Trinity

Semper Reformanda 2018: Of God and the Holy Trinity

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Few things are as under attack today as the doctrine of God and the Trinity.  Questions that cast doubt on the orthodox understanding of the Trinity are not just fodder for intellectual exercises; they are attacks on the basic tenets of the Christian faith.  


What is the nature of God?  Is He changing?  Is He a God who responds because of His emotions?  Is Jesus God?  What is His relationship to the Father?  Is the Holy Spirit merely a "force" of God or is the Spirit a person?  


These questions get to the very heart of our Christian lives. Many today are questioning these doctrines or attempting to change what orthodox Christians have always believed about God, and yet the doctrine of the Trinity “is the foundation of all our communion with God and comfortable dependence on Him.” Our salvation, our assurance, and our worship all depend upon a God who is One in Three and Three in One.



At Semper Reformanda 2018, we will be addressing the topic of “God and the Holy Trinity.” Join Dr. Samuel Renihan and Dr. Liam Goligher as they tackle these tough subjects and explain why these questions are essential for every believer to answer.