Practical Happiness

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Practical Happiness

Behind their brave and independent exteriors young men are searching for answers. Without counsel how can they find the path that leads to inner joy and lasting contentment? Through short, captivating stories, Practical Happiness leads young men toward a life of contentment that can only be found by seeking the heart of God.

Bob writes with a homespun wisdom born out of experience. His goal is to help young men chart a smooth course through life. Consequently, in this book, he addresses areas of faith, character, and subtleties of attitude that must be adjusted in order to direct them on the path to inner joy and lasting contentment.

Chapters address such questions as:

  • Can I find happiness in a world full of sorrow and uncertainty?
  • How should I respond when others let me down?
  • How do others see me?
  • Will I be able to provide for myself (and my own family) when I leave the protection of my parents?


You cannot find true happiness in money, power, or fame. It is a precious gift from God, available to all who learn to hear His voice and obey His calling. Practical Happiness will light a fire in the hearts of young men, leading them to a life of personal fulfillment as they draw closer to God.


223 pages