Man as Priest in His Home

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The concern in Waldron’s book is rooted in the great calling of Christ to be servants one to another. Too few Christian husbands and fathers know this, or at least too few act like they do.

How does a man view ministry to his family? When your teenager bursts into times of rebellion, how does a godly father respond? When we let our wives down, what do we do from there? When our families are struggling, how do we lead? What kind of ministry should we have in our home?

To support the ultimate conclusion of this book that a man serves as a priest in his home, we must begin with the idea that all Christian ministry is priestly in character. When we talk about ministry, we’re referring not just to the official duties of pastors, but to the whole spectrum of dealings among Christians, including such things as counseling, teaching, praying, rebuking, encouraging, helping, etc. Waldron shows in four key, biblical ways what it means that a man is priest in his home.