Everyday Battles

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Everyday Battles

In this, his final book before passing from this life, Bob Schultz delves into God’s purpose for battles and conflicts in our lives. Simply written but profoundly engaging, Everyday Battles offers perspective on how to find God in the heart of daily conflicts and decisions. This book will help anyone who desires to experience a deeper walk with God that stays firm during painful times.

Bob’s key passion in life was always investing in men and families, and his writing ministry was focused on that. He had nearly finished Everyday Battles when he collapsed with a fatal heart attack. At the request of vast numbers of loyal readers of his previous books, this final, partially-completed manuscript is available.

Topics include:

  • Why God allows battles and sufferings
  • What to do at the first sign of conflict
  • How God really views His people
  • How to gain the wisdom you need for decision-making

166 pages