Even if None

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Are we still successful if our evangelism sees little or no conversions? How do we gauge our evangelism effectiveness, especially if it leads to hatred and societal ostracism? When did evangelism become so mushy and pragmatic, and how do we get back to a biblical approach?Western Christianity had a significant influence on the culture for several centuries. It is accustomed to “success” in some degree or another. Today it is no longer that way. When it comes to evangelism, what do we do in light of such circumstances? Modern evangelism is rife with gimmicks and the wisdom of man. It wasn't always this way, so what happened and where do we go from here? By looking at the Scriptures and church history, these are the questions answered in this book. Now more than ever we must trust in God’s Word—not only for how to do evangelism, but to know what will happen to those who evangelize.