Disciplines of a Godly Man

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"Discipline is a subject about which the Scriptures say much-butcontemporary authors have been peculiarly silent. Kent Hughes fillsa gaping void with this superb volume.… If there is a sparkof spiritual desire in your soul, this book will surely kindle itinto a blazing passion for godly discipline."
-John MacArthur, pastor and best-sellingauthor

"This is a book for men who are eager to learn how to be moreeffective. It comes from the pen of one who has learned to serve ashe has led and who is able to provide the reader with manypractical applications of eternal truth."
-C. William Pollard, Chairman and CEO, TheServiceMaster Company

"To open this book and find someone taking seriously thebiblical call of'agonizing to enter the kingdom' and… boxingand sweating like a champion to get victory over sin is the mostrefreshing thing I could have set my eyes on."
-John Piper, pastor and popular author

"An outstanding volume for men and women alike!… Over 250pages devoted to the practical outworking of discipline on subjectslike purity, marriage, prayer, the tongue, the mind, our work,leadership, ministry, and many, many more. I guarantee: Digest thisbook and you will bid the blahs farewell."
-Charles Swindoll, pastor and best-sellingauthor

"I enjoyed reading Disciplines of a Godly Man because itchallenged my spirit. I highly recommend it to men who are notthin-skinned."
-Mike Singletary, Hall of Fame linebacker for theChicago Bears

"An inspiring and practical guide for men who seek to reflectGod's glory in their lives. This book is a challenging text forpersonal devotions as well as for assisting young followers ofChrist to grow in their walk with God."
-Lieutenant General Howard D. Graves (U.S. Army,Retired), Former Superintendent, United States Military Academy(West Point, NY)