Christian Basics -- John Hall & Oliver Allmand-Smith

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Christian Basics teaches the foundational truths of the Christian Faith from a Biblical, Confessional, and Baptist perspective.

It is for anyone seeking a better understanding of these basic truths whether they be unconverted, newly converted, seeking church membership or simply striving for a greater knowledge of Jesus Christ and his glorious redemption.

There are twelve chapters. These will correspond well with twelve sessions if you desire to study this book with others.


Who are the Authors?

Oliver Allmand-Smith is one of the Pastors of Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom, in the UK and has been there for over twenty-five years. He is married to Alison and they have been blessed with six children. He is also a trustee of International Reformed Baptist Seminary (IRBS), African Pastor’s Conferences, and is the author of 'Under God, Over the People: The Calling and Accountability of Civil Government.'
John Hall was Pastor of Grace Church, Yate, in the UK for forty years between 1973-2013. He produced the 1st Edition of Christian Basics and since its publication it has been used throughout the world in many different languages. He is delighted to see the publication of this new and revised edition.

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