Boyhood and Beyond

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Boyhood and Beyond

Boyhood and Beyond sows wise seeds of counsel in the still-soft soil of young hearts! Drawing from biblical insight and personal experience, Schultz offers your preteen and teenage boys reliable guidance on matters of authority, temptation, education, industry vs. sloth, leadership, overcoming fear, and more.

Help future men make the most of boyhood – and begin training them for life. Boyhood and Beyond is a powerful guide to good behavior and godly character.

Bob’s clear story illustrations will help boys glean wisdom and common sense from each of the short chapters. It is written to the boy in short, easily understood segments, but it is definitely not little boyish.

Each segment relates to something “real-life,” so it speaks to boys right away. It gives them something to think about that will help them as they grow and face various situations in life. It gives practical illustrations, lessons, and Scripture to support the lessons.

219 pages