Attributes of God

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A true, intimate relationship with God is not based on our own ideas about what God is like. If we really desire to know God, we must approach Him with the knowledge of who He reveals Himself to be in His Word.

The Attributes of God is a 16-session video study on fifteen divine attributes of God and how a right understanding of God can affect every aspect of our lives. Spanish dubbed messages included.

The video study includes sixteen 23-minute messages on two DVDs.  Spanish dubbed messages included.

Session Titles:

1. Introduction 7. The Omniscience of God 12. The Goodness of God
2. The Aseity of God 8. The Omnipotence of God 13. The Grace of God 
3. The Spirituality of God 9. The Immutability of God 14. The Love of God
4. The Sovereignty of God 10. The Truthfulness of God 15. The Foreknowledge of God 
5. The Holiness of God 11. The Wisdom of God 16. The Wrath of God
6. The Omnipresence of God