Assured by God: Living in the Fullness of God's Grace

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Nothing stimulates Christian service more than the humble assurance of God’s saving grace. Many of us are immobilized by lingering doubts about our salvation or, worse, by a false security.

Is assurance of salvation reserved for the super-spiritual? Is it a sure sign of presumption? What are the benefits of assurance and the dangers of an unsure faith? Separating truth from error, and viewing assurance in relation to its larger family of biblical doctrines, the contributors to this volume demonstrate its significance for grateful, productive Christian living. Contributors include:
—Burk Parsons: Our Sure Foundation
—Philip Graham Ryken: Assured from Beginning to End
—R. Albert Mohler Jr.: Guarded through Faith
—Richard D. Phillips: Assured in Christ
—Sinclair B. Ferguson: Assurance Justified
—Joel R. Beeke: The Fullness of Grace
—John MacArthur: The Glory of True Repentance
—Keith A. Mathison: God’s Means of Assurance
—Jerry Bridges: The Blessing of Discipline
—R. C. Sproul: The Anatomy of Doubt and Assurance
Each author writes with a pastoral desire to help Christians understand God’s promises and live in the fullness of his grace.