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The Way of Purity: Enjoy Lasting Freedom in Christ

The Way of Purity: Enjoy Lasting Freedom in Christ

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For many years I lived in captivity to my sexual sin. I longed to be free from it but did not know how. It made me fall away from God, become useless in my church, and nearly ruined my marriage and family. But one night God led me to this book. This book is Christ centered and will lead you to the cross. It made me examine my life according to the Scriptures. I saw how hopeless I was to change on my own. Because of the Scriptual principles in this book, I finally was granted repentence by God. I turned to Christ and away from my sin. I had read many other books dealing with sexual sin, but none of them ever changed my life like this book and the ministry of Setting Captives Free. If you are serious about finding life and freedom in Jesus Christ, then buy this book. God used this tool to change my life, and now I am telling my story to others to the glory of God!

This book is a 60 day/lesson course. It will take you through studies of many Biblical passages and stories. You will read real testimonies from people who also were freed from their captivity to sexual sin. There are questions to answer to make you think through the Biblical principles, personal evualation questions, and accountability questions in every lesson. Each lesson can eaily be completed in one day. But this book will always point you to the Bible and to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is at the cross of Christ that freedom is found, and nowhere else.

~Anonymous comment from Amazon